Developed based on European standards, deeper and lower structures, the pieces follow a timeless design and bring in the Italian opera as a source of inspiration. With different interpretations, they convey the concept of classical and modern at the same time. And to honor this musical style, the three lines that make up the collection bear the names of important Italian operas: Jago, Otello and Romeo. According to Luigi Mascheroni, Architect, Designer and representative of Decoma: “The great Classical finishing capability is a key differentiator for the manufacture and finishing of each product”.





As well as traditional operas, the line follows a standard size, but can be altered in its dimensions in order to suit best the needs of our customers. The models are proposed with different depths and can be used in various environments. They are composed of armchairs, chaise, ottomans, and make a perfect match for living rooms, reading and TV. Designed on iron structures, versatility is also present in the diversity of its fabrics. Coffee Tables and Side Tables are also part of this line.


In Italian, the word opera means “work”, a characteristic that is also used in this collection, since it is a composition of various works. Composed of different modules, based on iron structures, they allow a plethora of different creations and adaptations. In addition, the consoles enrich the composition with metal base and tops in glass fibers. They have a dual function as a support for object or as a support for support for cushions. They are a great choice for the division of environments.


Operas differ lot on their dramatic composition. They combine music and singing, orchestral opening, duos, trios, choruses. Based on this concept of a great harmonious composition, this collection includes modules of different formats and flexible backrest options. The large modulation repertoire offers the creation of environments with different proposals.The angular sofas with chaise and support modules (with glass finish or marble) may be arranged according to the space, design and environment.