Classica Design is renowned in the Market for the production of international  design originals. Our products have the same eficiency, durability and quality with which the pieces have been originally conceived. For Classica Design, besides shape, furniture should carry its meaning being loyal to the ideas and authenticity of its creators.

The soul of the creation must be preserved in order to preserve each designer’s specific characteristics. Being aware of the necessities in Brazilian Market, Classica brought up new collections to the country. For this reason, our company started with internationally renowned design offices such as Decoma Design and Simone Micheli Achitectural Hero. In the meanwhile, we have also partnered with some of the greatest in Brazilian design scene, for instance “Nó Design”, “Ovo” and “André Cruz”..

To make it possible, throughout its existence, Classica has been perfectioning its manufacturing process. For this purpose we have invested greatly in our industrial facilities and equipments in order to accomplish a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, whilst keeping its handicraft charcteristics.

We have expertise in processes such as metal work, from the bending of pipes and massives using materials as stainless steel and shhaped aluminum to the workmanship and polishment, painting and tapestry. In addition, we also have carpentry and fiberglass workshops. Furthermore, another unique feature we do have is our team of technical experts, who have evolved alongside the company and can be best described as real craftsmen. The result of this high degree of expertise can be verified on the workmanship o four products, highlited by the superior quality and accuracy in every single detail, turning our products into fine pieces of art.

Our Mission

Manufacture high quality classic pieces of furniture created by classic designers and by ourselves. Our high standards in manufacturing pieces of furniture of international design with the same efficiency, durability and quality with which they were conceived has guaranteed us the market recognition.

Our Values

Professionalism and Respect. Compromise with ethics and integrity. High levels of responsibility for the benefit of our products quality and the well-being of our collaborators. Use of the “5`s”system to help preserve the environment by avoiding wasting. Optimism.

Our Vision

Manter a Keep the leadership in the market, always improving and innovating.